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Wire Transfer Level IQF In Cold Storage

IQF stands for “individual quick frozen” shall mean an individual quick freezing. The process is put into each individual environment from -40oC to -35oC temperatures and after less than 30 minutes at temperatures of individual centers that reach -18oC is called IQF.

With IQF products, the product shelf life is longer, but the quality of the product is nearly intact. IQF line is to have supplies in cold storage food processing.

Characterization Technology:

Conveyor speed IQF super flat shapes, so Newtechco designed and manufactured specifically for rapid freezing of agricultural products, aquatic products packaging bulk or vacuum, particularly fish products, Basa, clams, shrimp shells with very high efficiency.

Conveyors are designed based on thorough application of aerodynamic principles, products are frozen and less wastage, saving significant power consumption.

Digital :

* Size Freezing: D 14000 x 3550 mm x H 3200 R

* Width of conveyor: 1200 mm

* Type of conveyor: Conveyors stainless flat plate produced by date

Conveyor Speed: Automating adjusted from 6 to 30 minutes for each type of product corresponding to the chamber temperature.

* The total power capacity

Fan: 10 x 2.2 kW = 17.6 kW

Door gasket heater: 0.3 kW

18.45 kW

* Cooling capacity required: 110 Kw cold, smoking temperature = -45oC,

air temperature = -40

* Runtime take the 40 minutes to reach – 38oC

* Temperature chamber can begin feeding: -34 ° C

* Refrigerant: NH3

* Level Translation: Translation circulation pump, 4 to 7 times the rate of evaporation service

* Defrosting: water

* Control operation: Automatic electronic microprocessor

– Product Information freezer:

* Product Type: Fish basa, pangasius fillet

* Product temperature at + 10 ° C

* Product temperature out: -18oC, temperature balance in the Centre

* Density Feeder: 7kg / 1m conveyor

* Setting time: 12 minutes (as calculated)

* Capacity: 500 kg / hour

Products on the conveyor passes through the slot area with high wind speed, wind slots are arranged from top to blow directly into the product and the bottom-up cooling conveyor, and continues to be constantly blowing wind from both sides throughout the length Freezing. Freezing is designed each slot when blown to the winds are generated by the Coanda effect, this effect makes the wind exposed surface around the product continuously, so the product is frozen quickly and evenly, nature finished products output with optimal product temperature reached center – 18oC.

Coanda effect with high speed winds will make the hard refrigerated (dry) around the surface fast right from the start in the eastern chamber further eliminates water loss in the product, and reducing wear deficit, bringing economic benefits cao.2. Characterization techniques:

Crowded room insulation PU panel assembled by 125 mm, internal and external sides covered bond tolt color, background designed rooms trough shaped welded joints should limit water penetration into the insulation. Foundation Room with slope towards drainage trough between sprinkler facilitate cleaning and communal indoor rock.

Two doors east have sufficient size for the workers out on maintenance and cleaning equipment.

The input and the gate conveyors equipped air barrier against external moisture from entering the inner chamber to cause sticking ice cooler winter and cold air in the chamber to prevent outside air power consuming. This blocked membrane silicone materials, ensure a stable elastic when cold to cold temperatures deep and materials ensure food safety HACCP and FDA.

Line frequency IQF boiling

The actuator mechanism automatic stretch tape capable of avoiding too tight or too loose bandage elasticity of ice with temperature.

Conveyor lift frame is lined with plastic rods, guaranteed limit with conveyor sliding friction, efficient operation and long service life and meet the requirements of food hygiene.

Distribution system winds appropriate layout, distance far enough to blow slots between air flow without friction T able enjoy together and very easy to create a Coanda effect on the product surface, this may transfer efficiency means cold from the wind on the optimal, short clotting time and reduce product wastage.

The door hinge style windbreaker handy for opening and closing of each shift cleaning.

Fan cooler kind heart after high wind pressure, stainless steel blades by VN manufactured and dynamic balance, suction of the propeller has the shape curved to achieve the highest performance and power saving, motor from Germany production, which can also operate in cold environments and deep water outside.

Evaporator tube and wing hot-dip galvanized steel produced by Germany, the fins of the indoor unit sparse enough to operate continuously 16 hours or more new rock commune.

Electrical control system operates fully automatic production system with programmable microprocessor controller as required for production processes and many types of products in the same size ca. This means that the production manager just touching the touch screen are showing the type and size or press the enter the name and product size, the controller will process the information and conditions Conveyor speed control with temperature chamber to the east after crossing the frozen reaches of performance, highest quality and limiting power consumption.

Electrical Enclosures stainless steel and has joint watertight door, inside there is always heated resistor protect electronic processor, the front of the electrical cabinet has only one LCD screen and press the emergency stop button 01 , this screen shows the operating mode, the current working parameters by numerical or graph format, and is capable of showing operating instructions manual, alerting users of imminent harm occur and error messages and workarounds in Vietnamese.

Also if there are additional requirements from customers, electric control system is capable of connecting with the monitoring system to observe and manage remotely through a computer network LAN or SCADA.

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