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Supply Warehouse Installation East, Storage Mat

As contractors supplying refrigeration equipment throughout North, Refrigeration FV specializes in designing, installing, repairing freezing warehouse, cold storage in particular and in general industry material cold.

Freezing warehouse, cold storage equipment is useful applications in the preservation of agricultural industry, fishery, pharmaceutical storage … With years of experience, the Company committed to provide our customers the best quality service with reasonable prices to suit every customer.

Small cold storage – Capacity 30 tons

Warehouse east


Our company has always maintained its position with design services, installation of cold storage. Together with a staff of professional training and with many years experience in the field of installation of cold storage, the products and services our cold storage always satisfy our customers used the service over the our company.

To customers due to better understand the type of cold storage and cold storage installation needs want to learn more about design and installation of cold storage we bring to our clients consulting services are designed cold storage techniques professors, experts in the field of design and installation of cold storage dedicated consultants.

Consulting services designed our cold storage will help customers find an optimal solution for the installation and effective use of cold storage.

Consulting services designed our cold storage specialist design consultancy, installation of cold storage such kind.

– Installation of cold storage applications in the preservation of agricultural products.

– Installation of cold storage, freezing warehouse, cold storage, food storage facilities.

– Installation of cold storage preservation applications in pharmaceuticals.

– Installation of cold storage, industrial cold storages with a capacity of 10 to 100,000 tons or more.

– Installation of cold storage food processing, frozen storage, hydro san..vv.,. (Temperature display with automatic electronic screen or remotely by computer, achieving European standards and have certified CO, CQ)

– Get package construction design, east wind tunnels, conveyor Quick Freezer, commercial cold storage

– Cold storage temperature from + 120 C storage to -50C.

– Cold storage frozen storage temperature from – 180C to -250C, freezing -300C to – 400C.

– Cool storage warehouse temperature +5 to +10 degrees using C.

You only need to provide information wants to install cold storage, temperature use, shelf life, storage products … The team of engineers and sales staff will have cold storage design calculations fit and newspapers price for the customer the fastest of the day.

Hotline: 0923199968


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