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Fitting Cold Storage Pharmaceutical

Cold Storage Pharmaceutical role of paramount importance in the medical field in particular and society in general by its prominent features Vietnam. However, the technical requirements for installation of cold storage very strict pharmaceutical. With rich experience in the field of industrial refrigeration, Refrigeration FV specialized construction and installation of cold storage of pharmaceuticals.

Detailed information about pharmaceutical cold storage

1.Vat data:

The shell is made from cold storage insulation panel EPS, PU

Core insulation made of EPS, PU … within two outer surface covered with color-coated galvanized sheet, or thickness from 0,42mm to 0,60mm Zincalume. (Ton + foam + Ton) plus panels Panel EPS, PU also be covered with other materials such as stainless steel, PVC, … and be shaped by rolling into many different waveforms.

Cold good insulating effect, non-toxic, non-aging and good compression strength capacity. Cold Storage Panel core-core insulation and fireproof usually at the request of customers.

The Panel plate EPS, PU linked sure, no rust.

Cold storage door:
Cold storage door casing made of stainless inox inside Pu spray insulation, airtight rubber gasket system, cold tolerance, not hardening, aging under low temperatures.

3.Nhiet degree

Ensure temperature requirements (-18 degrees C to 5 degrees C)

4.Ung use:

Storage of vaccines, medicines, pharmaceutical ……

Hotline: 0923199968


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